Trends in Adult Education: Post #1 – Trends

As I scoured academic websites for articles related to trends in adult education, I noticed a consistent theme – engagement.  In the article Our Top 11 Teaching and Learning Articles of 2016, three of the top 11 were about student engagement. My assignment was to find one article, so I chose The Latest in Engaging the Adult Student Online: Authentic, Meaningful and Real-World Engagement Models which focuses on online engagement.

The article asserted that student engagement was essential for retention and completion of online academic programs and adult online learning must be engaging in three ways.

  1. Behaviorally by doing activities
  2. Affectively by experiencing feelings
  3. Cognitively through thinking

During my Skype meeting with my learning partner, Desiree, I discovered our chosen topics where very similar. Desiree chose the article, Beyond Passive Learning: Problem-Based Learning and Concept Maps to Promote Basic and Higher-Order Thinking in Basic Skills Instruction. She said the article was about a higher order thinking. Instead of students having to memorize facts, students learn about a subject through real-life experience.

This article emphasized textualized learning as a set of teaching and assessment practices designed to

  1. provide a set of skills and knowledge that is currently relevant to the students’ lives and needs, so they can actively apply them to specific real world tasks and contexts
  2. include the idea of teaching basic skills that are embedded in the disciplinary content.

I laughed with Desiree at the fact this program was using some of these learning techniques on us. This blog assignment with a learning partner comes to mind.

Link to Desiree’s Blog



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