Trends in Adult Education: Post #2 – Implications

The flipped classroom will require the instructor to spend outside the classroom time to curate appropriate material. As an instructor, I will have to find appropriate online resources by scouring YouTube videos, TedTalks, and articles. Instructors will probably have to create their own videos to cover exactly what the curriculum requires. Instructors will also be responsible for uploading all this material.

All these resources will have to be categorized and organized so they are easy to find. These resources will also have to be updated regularly to keep current. This again sounds time consuming.

In the classroom, instructors will have to find and introduce activities that will enhance the subject matter. Instructors will also have to make sure the material motivates the students to participate and actually prepare for class (10 Pros And Cons Of A Flipped Classroom).

Instructors who teach in a flipped classroom will have to be well organized and manage time wisely.


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